Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breaking in the sneakers-Adirondack style

When we came back from vacation I purchased a new pairs of sneakers.  Sneakers that I had planned to wear in my upcoming 10K.  So I had to break them in. 

First I wore them around the house, then I went for a run and longer run.  But I just felt like I need more room near my big toe.  It was fine if I was walking but then running it hurt.

So this weekend we were camping in the Adirondacks with plans to hike a mountain.  I wore my new sneakers, I figured going down the mountain would smash everything to front and stretch them out.

Its not a high mountain but worth the views!

the top of rock

Its about a mile round trip and perfect for breaking in a 2year old to hiking!

szareks 2011

And for breaking in new sneakers!  I went for a run tonight and my toes were not the issue…my lack of motivation was!  (2 weeks till the 10K and the most I have run is 5.25miles…stay tuned!)

taking it to the top


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Beautiful! I am getting new sneakers soon, myself. Just waiting until my son is home from college since he needs to shop too. I hate breaking them in. New ones, even if the exact same style, never fit the same!

Jennifer said...

Hi Kristen! Is that at Bald Mtn? We hiked there a few weeks ago. I posted pics.

When I went with my friend who got fitted for shoes at Fleet feet they found that she needed a size and a half larger than what she was wearing! Crazy right? And they told me I needed at least a half size larger than what I normally wear. I have a pair of Brooks Ghost 3 that I got on ebay for $59 brand new. No tax, no shipping. And when I went with my friend they also fitted me and said I was in the perfect shoe. Have you been fitted? Do you know if you overpronate at all? Did hiking work to stretch them out? I was also disappointed to learn that my new running sneakers (that I wore on gravel and got very dirty) cannot be washed. So in a few months I will be in the market for a new pair.

Good luck on the 10K next weekend! I am doing it too with my girlfriend! It is both of our firsts! I hope the atmosphere carries us through nicely! Also, did you see that we get a medal?!?! yaaaay!

Maybe I will see you there. That would be fun!

Keep up the good work!


Jennifer said...

Hi Kristen! I just typed this long comment and then it disappeared...ugh. LEts try again!

Is that at Bald Mtn? We went there a few weeks ago. I posted pics on my blog. YOur pics are so nice, and you look great!

Did your shoes stretch out? When I went with my friend to get fitted for sneaks at Fleet Feet she found that she should be wearing a size and a half larger than what she has been wearing. Crazy right? They also told me that I cannot wash my running shoes that I got dirty already from running on unpaved roads :( I got my Brooks sneakers on ebay brand new for $59, free shipping no tax! The checked me the other day at Fleet feet and said it was the perfect shoe for me. Have you been fitted? My friend needed a special type of shoe based on her fitting. She had no idea.

My girlfriend and I are doing the 10k next weekend too! It is both our firsts! Dont worry about having done less than 6 miles. The surrioundings will carry you along. Do you have a running watch? The biggest thing I have learned is to make sure I dont start out too fast. The watch(that my hubs got on clearance) has helped so much with that. Its so easy to get caught up in the moment and take off super fast. Then I would burnout and the rest of the race would be awful. and that waw just 5k! So try to stay aware of your pace and you will do great!

Maybe I will see you there! If I do I will say hello and maybe we could get a pic for our blogs! that would be fun!


Christina said...

Just came across your blog! Congratualtions on all your success! I live in upstate NY too and I am so curiuos where you go for your bootcamp? I play roller derby now and am looking for other forms of exercise and that sure sounds like a challange.

Kelly said...

If I ever get back upstate again - we're totally meeting up!