Tuesday, August 30, 2011

where is that wagon?

Some times when we camp at private campgrounds they have hayrides!  You check in and they give you the schedule of events and you see that the hayrides are at 430.  You think oh that’s easy to remember.  The next thing you know you hear a tractor and music and its 4:35.  There goes the first wagon ride.  You grab the kids and go searching for that darn wagon.
I have been looking for the wagon this past week.   It all started after my 10K – I just couldn’t get enough to eat.  And then it happened. 

I don’t remember the first bite. I don’t remember the day or the time.  But I know it happened, there is a lot of PB missing out of the jar.  My husband asked “why are there so many Peanut butter covered spoons in the sink?”  You know it is. You take a spoon from the jar and get a big scoop.  You savor it as you empty the spoon.  You put the spoon in the sink because you were only going to have one scoop.  oh But it was so good, what's one more bite?  You get another spoon out and when you are done it too goes in the sink.  Well Peanut butter is a protein, so third spoon in the sink.  Sound familiar?

I never weigh in last week because I was camping and not at work. But I was basically the same weight.  After camping for a few days, then having to evacuate the campground because of Irene we were home Saturday afternoon.  So what did we do – we went to a fair for dinner – I had chicken kabobs with pita bread.  But during Sunday’s rain and wind, I baked and I baked and I tested and I baked, some more.  I have no idea how many calories I consumed.

Yesterday I got back on track – detoxed myself of PB (yes it’s in the garbage…) and carbs.  I ate pretty good – well within my calories.  But I was bad on water – I really didn’t drink any L bad Me.  I also got in 3 walks at work and a 4 mile run….however.

Today my foot is wrapped and elevated. It started Saturday, we were walking thru the parking lot at the fair and I was reading something from one of the vendors.  I had flip flops on and didn’t see the pot hole.  I didn’t fall but it was the unexpected step – you know think you are walking along fine and your foot is 3 inches lower in a hole. It didn’t hurt till later that night and despite standing on it all day while cooking Sunday it really didn’t hurt.  Yesterday it felt fine until after my run. Now it’s wrapped an elevated.  It’s not busied or swollen.  I have been icing it – not sure if I need to take a trip to the doctor to have it checked or if it will just get better on its own.

Not that my foot is in any way related to my lack of motivation this week.  I kind of feel in a funk.  I didn’t want to leave the campground early, I didn’t want to deal with the rain all day Sunday, and I just didn’t want to lose weight anymore.  I really was annoyed that I have been at this for so long and I just wanted to be maintenance.  I was bored with losing.  Sometimes it really can be exhausting.  But I am over that funk now and back on track and focused….2 days till weight – game time!


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Bummer about your foot. I woke up one day with my knee hurting and coincidentally went on a bit of a food bender. Hmmm.

As for the peanut butter, you know what I would say because I've said it before. And shared my own story.

Glad that you are back on track.

The Fat Mom said...

#1 That's why you eat peanut butter with the same spoon. That way your husband doesn't bust you and you lose count after the 3rd spoon.
#2 You must taste while baking. How do you know it doesn't taste like dog poop?

Seriously, I hope your ankle gets better.

Michelle said...

"why are there so many peanut butter covered spoons in the sink?" -- DUDE!!! do you have to ask????

hahaha - speedy heeling to the foot! I did the same thing but tore the tendons and the sports clinic doc said RICE (rest ice compression elevation) and 3-3-3 -- three ibuprofen, three times a day, for three days. Seriously worked like a charm. And I did physio right away which was really a bunch of rotating my ankle and stretching my ankle. After one appointment, I knew the drill.

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about your foot. I hope it gets better soon. Were you affected a lot by the hurricane?

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I would hide the spoon or wash it by hand....I think you wanted to get caught ;)

I hope you foot heals fast!