Saturday, August 13, 2011

200 jump ropes and potatoes with butter

Let’s just start by saying “omg, I am so sore”. My trainer moved to a new bigger facility this week, and we have new ‘toys” now.  Needless to say going to 4 days of bootcamp has my muscles ripped apart.  I am not complaining it’s the kind of sore muscles that I have become addicted for!  We did some major arm work this week!!  This morning I couldn’t even shampoo my hair!  Yesterdays workout:

  • 100 KB Swing
  • 50 pushups
  • 50 TRX rows
  • 25 medball smash
  • 30 burpees
  • 50 KB high swing
  • 200 jump ropes

I was really surprised that I could jump rope.  I did 44 before tripping up.  Its an insane level of cardio especially after burpees, medballs and high swings.   In other news this week I moved up to dark green –28kg Kettlebell (62 pounds).  I was so tired last night.  I went to bed at 930 and slept till 730.

I did a 6miles run today. It wasn’t pretty but it was done.  I also drove the course for next weeks 10K  the first half is basically up hill Sad smile  and there is not really a down hill it just levels out.

So after my run, was a bday party for my gf son 2nd bday.  At the party was the annoying bitch I had I have been having issues with.  She had gastric around the same time I started my journey.  But when people ask her about her weight loss she tells them its because she works out (which she does but why didn’t she do that a year ago ?).   Besides all this she has metal issues and takes pills to “Deal” with her life. she is always the victim.  And no matter what I do it upsets her.

I ate good today before the party.  I had egg white omelet, a cup of coffee, protein shake and a slice of a low fat diabetic zucchini bread.  The party was at 2pm and they had pulled pork, salads and salt potatoes.  I filled my plate with what I wanted and limited myself to that plate.  I had pulled pork no bun, 2 slices of watermelon, a creamy fruit salad, a tomato and cuke salad that I made, 2 slices of tomato pie and pretzels with dip (that I made).  

I also had salt potatoes (they are a northeast thing – so you may not know about them if you are from other parts of the world) basically they are baby potatoes boiled in very very salty water.  Then they pour melted butter over them.  If you go to the NY State fair each cup has 3 potatoes and 1/2 stick of melted butter in it.  you are hungry now right?  So I had 3 – I have not had them in forever. 

I know that I didn’t eat well but I controlled myself on seconds and I had planned for it.  Gastric girl freaked…there was nothing she could eat. she ended up eating a hot dog, watermelon and stuff off the veggie tray.  She was hoping to eat a potato but was annoyed to hear they had already put butter on them.  She kept saying that she was so disappointed that she couldn’t eat a potato.  That was all she was looking forward to.  She was unhappy the rest of the time till the cake and ice cream came out.  She was handing it out to avoid being asked by someone else if she wanted any.  The answer of course was no because she would probably puke if she ate. 

Now I did eat some just because I am evil and a bitch.  I wanted her to see that I can have cheat meals and I can eat badly and still look amazing and be happy with my progress.  that was all ate.  When we got home at 8pm I had some pretzels and a cheese stick.

I spent most of the day in my bathing suit and not because I was swimming. Because I had to jump in and pull my son out who got in the pool without a floating device.  He couldn’t touch the bottom so I had to jump in and get him to the edge.   I figured I will share a bathing suit photo with you from our vacation:


Have a good one

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