Monday, August 1, 2011

Scale is on Vacation

One week ago I was sitting by the campfire right now!!! ugh today was reality back to work again.  I tried to lock myself in my office.

I have learned a few things over the last week. One, I did really well on vacation.  I was so worried that I was I was messing up, not active enough and I didn’t track my food at all.  I was still having a great time but I was expecting to see a gain when we returned.   I was 184 at the gym scale on Friday before vacation.  When we returned on Thursday I was 182.8?!? Seriously?

OMG I was so excited!  Then Friday morning my home scale showed the same thing.  I did a run on Friday morning and was pretty good with my eating because I was running errands.  Saturday morning the scale was a bit lower.  That leads me to the 2nd thing I learned I need to send the scale on vacation.

I think I took my liberties on Saturday knowing the scale was low. we went out to eat and I had bread, I ordered a sandwich and salad with really bad dressing.  I had cookies with the kids I had 4 cups of coffee and no water.  I think I ate Emma's left over mac n cheese for lunch.  So what did I see on Sunday and this morning 183.

I need to stop weighing myself, I hold it together better without knowing.  so I am thinking of packing up my scale and sending it on a tour of our area via the waste mgmt. team!  My home scale never matches the nurse’s at work.  Which is my officially number for each week.

Do you over weigh yourself?


Fat in Suburbia said...

I used to weigh myself constantly but I promised myself that this time (on Jenny Craig) I would only weigh myself on their scale weekly.

Jennifer said...

Hi Kristen! I can totally relate. I have just decided that I dont want to watch the scale every day either. I am really enjoying feeling good about my efforts. If I am eating well and running then I am happy. So I am going to hop on the scale much less often and make sure its on days when I am feeling thinner...hehe.

We drove up and did the Harborfest 5k. It was a great time with a great environment. Are you doing the Turning Stone races? Which one? I am going to sign up for the 10K. It will be my first. I cant wait! Where do you live? Maybe we could get together and run sometimes?! My email is seuler at so we can chat without the world knowing where we live :)

Yes, we were in Old Forge. The deer seem to be even extra friendly this year...that or extra hungry. It was so much fun to so closely!

You are doing great in your journey. Keep it up!


Kelly said...

I weigh myself once a day, in the morning. I'm ok with it because it gives me a measure of how I'm doing on a daily basis.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I am a daily weigher. I'm afraid that if I didn't, I might get on and see a huge jump up! But I know many bloggers who don't weigh often and go by the fit of their clothes. I will say that I have gotten much better at not letting the number I see impact me:)

debkhershberger said...

I weigh in once a day. First thing in the AM after i use the bathroom! I used to weigh in the AM then at work (docs office) then before I left work! Can you say OBSESSED!!! I now do it once a day. If I have a large jump I look back over the past 48 hrs and see what I did.