Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taking a double take!!

On Sunday we had a Fathers Day BBQ.  I made a tossed salad and watermelon for it.  They had sausage patties, Hot dogs, hamburgers, and Johnsonville's then the normal mayo filled salads a such.  oh and Salt potatoes my favorite but soaked in butter.

As we were getting ready to eat I figure I would have a burger, my tossed salad and some corn.  I noticed that packaging for the meats by the grill.  Boy did I do a double take.  I figured the burger would be best choice, I was shocked to pick up the package and read that one burger is 380 calories!! WHAT.  The Johnsonville was 240 and the sausage was 170.  I know the hot dog was less but what is really in a hot dog?

Who knew the sausage would be a better choice?  Who knew I would have been off by 110 calories had I not read the package.

My second double take of the day was when I added up all that I ate – one sitting 800 calories.  Yeah so much for self control! Darn those 4 salt potatoes and my Nana’s famous mac salad. 

Today was WI day.  I was down another 1.6!! I am so excited to be at 78.2 pounds lost!  I missed being a Overweight BMI by .2!  I should of pee more!!

Today was also measurement day at bootcamp! I had great numbers.

weeks ago
Today Change
Arms 13.75 13 -.75
Waist 39 34 -5
Hips 44.25 42 -2.25
Thigh 24 23 -1

Did you take a double take of those numbers?  I did! My trainer actually did the waist 2 times!!!  I knew it was going to be good because Sunday a pair of my new shorts were already too big on me.  I am hope to go shopping this weekend…I can not wait to try that next size down!


Kelly said...

Shopping for new, SMALLER clothes feels great, doesn't it? I'm so excited for you!

Hyla said...

"I should pee more"

LOVE it!

Jennifer said...

Whoo hoo! You are doing great! And I bet you feel like a new person!


alisonds said...

Well done! Keep up the good work and enjoy shopping for new clothes! xxx