Monday, June 13, 2011

Weigh In Day!!

Ladies I rocked the scale today.  I came in at 187.6 for a 3.4 pounds lost- oh and TOM started yesterday!!

I don’t know how it happened last week I was having little binges at night.  Not that I was blowing my calories but I was over 1500 once, mostly in the 1400.  But I was active all week and drank my water! 

I will take it! I have lost 15.2 pounds in 6 weeks that amazing results. 

This puts me at

  • 76.2 pounds lost
  • 1.8 pounds from a BMI of just overweight
  • 3.8 pounds from weighing in less than hubby!

I feel so good.  I am pushing myself harder in my workouts.  tonight I even did the Black KB on the G-squat to press. I wanted to die at the end but I did it. I am just driven right now and I don’t want to lose this drive!

This afternoon I realized a few things about when I started my journey:

  • I just wanted to get below 180 and now that is 7.6 pounds away
  • I hoped to hit 100 pounds lost that is just 23.8 Pounds away
  • I dreamed to get to a normal BMI weight that is 32.8 pounds away.

For the first time the end kind of feels like its near.  Its as if I am on the last mile of my race but I know I have never run this course before.  Each turn can be a surprise and I never know when I will have an uphill battle.  These next 7.6 could be my hardest, the next 23.8 could take a year, the 32.8 may never come.

But I know my work ethic, I know my drive, I know my desire and motivation.  I know how I FEEL!  I know I am in the drivers seat and I have the gas to the floor!  Only I can push myself..My results depend on me. I don’t have a magic pill or a surgery that will make me lose weight. I have just me.  I will get there…..WATCH ME!!!


Need to Get ME Back said...

Nice job girl!!!

Anonymous said...

You are doing awesome!!!

Kelly said...

Awesome, awesome WI!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Awesome progress and awesome attitude!!