Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It’s like riding a bike……


Sorry its been so long for an update! I am not off the wagon honest! I was camping!  One thing I noticed that old habits can come back fast.

As a tradition we stopped at the best restaurant in the world on the way up but instead of ordering the traditional hot roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and extra gravy I had a grilled chicken sandwich with cottage cheese.  Okay this weekend will not be a problem:

Then came the m&M cookies, smores, pulled pork, amazing summer salads, ice cream, pistachios and I don’t know what else.  Saturday I hit over 2K in calories, sunday I think I was at 1700.  I was just plain bad with larger then normal portions and a sneak treat here and there

But like riding a bike it was easy to get on track.  Once home upped my water, stopped eating anything processed again and just gained control of myself.  Boy at tuesdays bootcamp did I sweat that shit out of me!  ugh.

While camping I was active with going for walks, and both Saturday and Sunday morning I ran 4.79miles in about 52minutes.  Tuesday when we got home I ran 2 miles then worked in the garden for 90 minutes and then that night went to bootcamp for a hell of a workout!

This was the recap of my 4.79 run:



As you can see in the photo above I did get a bike ride in too!  I have not rode my bike in close to maybe 6 or 7 years???  the tire always looked flat when my big ass was on the bike.  and really that seat didn’t feel good no matter how much fat I had.  But with all the camping we have planned this summer and my new active lifestyle I asked for a baby carrier for xmas.

She has that excited but nervous look on her face!!  I know she was thinking..mommy you really should go for a ride without me first!


But we took the bull by the horns and off we went on a family ride!


it took some getting use to.. if she moved around it would throw the balance off. but in the end she didn’t want to get off the bike!


We are totally going for more!!!

No weigh this week, I am off from work till tomorrow but I am going to weight till next Monday to get back on track!


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Great job getting back on track! It looks like you guys had a great time!

Life as a Caterpillar said...

Fantastic- what abrilliant entry- very proud of you and your achievements!

Ps, you are looking great!!

Hyla said...

Awesome! You look great!

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Oh I wish for me it was as easy as riding a bike! But this last time was the closest to that for me. Oh smores. I never rode my bike with a kid on the back and am not sure I could do that without falling!