Thursday, March 3, 2011

WI, measures, and emotions

Weigh In:  I weigh in this morning and I was down .8 to 207.8.  All that hard work for .8


  Feb 4th Mar 4th Change
Neck 14 13.5 -.5
Chest 42 41 -1
Waist 36.25 35.5 -.75
Hips 43.5 44.75 1.25
Thighs 24 23.75 -.25
Calves 17.5 16.5 -1
Biceps 14 14 0

Frustration: I am annoyed I worked hard this week and I really wanted a pound at least.  I need to lose 1.6 to win my $$ back at work but I am really focused  on 199.9.  Additionally I had this goal of getting to 180 by memorial day.  I really expected more from my measurements too,  down 2.25 inches.  Is that good or bad amount of inches lost? what do you all think?

I felt I did good with my food intake or than last Friday.  I did eat a lot of pretzels while in meetings (Grr) and I don’t think that helped me any.  Plus I wasn’t great about my water.  I kicked up my workouts but not my water, I have been having some major headaches too.  I am going to change my protein drink back to the kind I use to use.  Also, Food journal time – I have been slacking on that.

Stress: Time management is still stressing me. I need an extra 3 hours a day.  Cleaning my house has been the loser in the To do list.  Work stress has not been helping either.  Of course that leads to bad food choices and I probably did eat thing that I didn’t add into my calorie count.

fear/anxiety: Saturday is my 5K and the weather in upstate NY…Rain/Snow mix in the 40s.  GREAT!!!  Last week I worked out Sun –Sat.  I took this Sunday off and today.  I have been still feeling back pain from Hell week at bootcamp.  I think I need to take tomorrow off too but I don’t want to go that long without working out.  I don’t know what to do. Or what I should eat tomorrow.  do I increase my carbs? Protein?  Ahhhhh what was I thinking?

I am watching the I used to be fat reunion, and the girl that inspired me to run a 5K is now doing 3 more.  Trainer Joey is hot, I still like seeing him!!

GOALS:  First: to successfully finish the race on Saturday in a reasonable time.  March Goals:  By my 31 March weigh in:  I would like to lose another 8 pounds and be better about my water!


Need to Get ME Back said...

You can definitely lose 8 this month! Make sure you count out portions of pretzels and stuff. If I don't count it out, I eat like 4x the amount I should without even realizing it. BTW, same here about Joey! I want him to train me!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Good luck with your race! The weight will start to come off soon!