Friday, March 25, 2011

Weigh in, workout and family additions!

I was down a pound!  Not bad since I was up so much on Monday!  I have made it to day 5 of tracking my food! thank you thank you!! And last night I did not binge. SWEET!

I went to happy hour tonight! not the happy hour you were thinking about.  Bootcamp happy hour.  It was metabolic training night. Yeah dog! 40seconds of work 20 seconds of rest:

  • Frog Squat jump (Leg burn out…ouch )
  • Partner Squat thrust
  • Medball Smashers (Yeah stress therapy)
  • Lateral squat jumps
  • Kettlebell High swing

We did 4 rounds of each station before moving to the next.  we did get a minute between stations.  I was sweating like a pig. 

High swing was my last station. I had my lifting gloves on but I was too sweaty.  For some god forsaking reason, I went with the red KB I think its like 30-35 pounds (in my post here I have a video of me doing it and I think with a purple or green KB).  During the 2nd round on my 2nd swing my left hand lost its grip on the KB.  The KB started falling back toward my head but my right hand held on.  I had such pain in my wrist afterwards.  But I finished the rest of the rounds I went down to green KB for them. 

I never turned my HRM on until the last round of Squat thrust.  But from then on I burned 519 Calories.  I figure today was at least a 650+ calorie burn!

On Facebook I posted:  Our family is growing!!!

No I am not preggers!  we are getting chickens. We were not suppose to get them till April but they are coming tomorrow all 20 of them.  So while it snowed this week and its been only a high of 32, we are getting chickens! ugh!  I am excited to get our own eggs!  Emma will love them and so will tyler.  The last 2 years we have raised pheasants.  I really wished it would warm up so I could start my garden…I have major spring fever!

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