Friday, March 11, 2011


What a week.  Saturday I ran my first 5K and I rewarded myself with subway some kind of granola bar that tasted way too good. I am pretty sure it was loaded with crap.  Then for dinner we ordered from the pizza shop – I had a buffalo grilled chicken wrap (so that it 1% healthy) and then we had ice cream.  Sunday my eating was fair but Monday morning we woke up to 17” of snow.  I made the kids pancakes, I ate 2 myself, but the kids didn’t really eat theirs.  While cleaning up I finished their pancake bring me to a total of 4 pancakes.  oink!  I ended up snacking all day and did not do any officially workout other then the 1.5 hour snow shoveling I did.

My three bootcamp workouts (Tuesday-Thursday) were primarily strength training no real cardio sessions.  So while I was telling myself I was undoing the weekend at night I was binge eating.  about 9-11pm I would eat uncontrollably.  I knew I shouldn't but it didn’t stop me from having some peanut butter (okay 2 spoonful's) and some oreos and whatever else I could find.  I would bet I consumed 400 calories totally undoing my workout.

Now I know I shouldn’t eat like that and I know how to make a better decision but something happened.  It was like I didn’t even have control.  I would practically fall asleep here in the living room. So I would go to bed, as I was turning off the light powerful food voice would take over my body.  I was thinking no don’t do this but my hands still fed me.  How do I stop this?  go to bed earlier?  what?

Anyhow I weigh in this morning and I was up .6…blahh  Now onto next week.


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I find sometimes I just go through spurts of that. It is really hard to deal with...I try and find something to keep my hands busy!

Kelly said...

Yeah, we've all been there. I try to remind myself that I'll be sorry after the binge is done, and how hard I'll have to work to get the weight off again.