Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mommy Math

I weigh in tomorrow.  I am hoping for good numbers but prepared for whatever .  Today is day 4 of tracking my food.  I have been doing well will my food intake since Mondays eye opening food fest!  Last night I fell down a bit.  I thought I was finally in control of my binging at night.  My darling daughter did not want to sleep last night.  While I was waiting for the dog to come in from a potty break so I could finally go to bed I rummaged in the kitchen (it was 2am).  I found an Oreo and then peanut butter so being an accountant..I added them together!! So lets do the math:

Oreo + Peanut butter = Happy overtired mommy

but the math doesn’t stop there:

Happy overtired mommy + reality check of the 300 calories eat =


Grr anger. frustration.  My husband was plowing snow so that’s why I was the one up all night.  Yes we got another 4inches of snow last night, it thankfully melted today.  Monday David's schedule changes back to normal hours.  I am hoping that means I will be have more working out time!  Well off to read all your blogs!


Sarah said...

I had a binge myself today.. mine was with Krispy Kreme.. ugh! I always wonder how mom's diet.. because it's hard enough for me. I can't imagine how hard it is for a mom.. so I applaud you for doing well.. :)

LoriV. said...

"Mommy Math", that's a good one!