Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Focused and on track ..Maybe its overdrive

I want so badly to get to ONEDERLAND that I am focused. 

  • I have tracked my food everyday since Monday. 
  • I have stayed in my zone calories
  • I have had only 1 night that I binged at night.
  • I have worked out every day since the 20th (other than last Wednesday)
  • I have drank so much water I could float to bootcamp

After all that last Friday I had lost a pound.  The unofficial scale this morning at 445am showed another 1.8 lost.  Add to seeing that number with my husbands new schedule = INSPIRATION!

Yeah that’s right at 445am today I got on the treadmill for a quick mile run then after work I attended bootcamp.  Last nights bootcamp was all strength but my heart rate was elevated over 50 minutes allowing me to burn 680 calories.  Todays 17 minutes of hardcore metabolic training had me in my target zone for over 30 minutes, allowing me to burn about 560 calories.  I love bootcamp!

I plan tomorrow to get up and do the same thing and hopefully Thursday.  My husband thinks I am nuts.  He thinks I am overdrive and there is no chance I can maintain this schedule. I just want to give myself a boost.

What do you think???

I had plans to run a 5K this weekend but the weather is going to be nasty cold, possible snow, windy.  Instead I am going to do the double-header bonus session at bootcamp.


Michelle said...

Hey - you could be nuts but why not see how many days you can do it?! You are my workout inspiration right now! I have not been that great at all.

Also, dying to get to Onederland. It's a stretch but I would so love to lose 3 pounds this week to do it! I wanted to hit it by the end of March but that's only a day and a half away.

Need to Get ME Back said...

I think you will do what it takes to achieve what is important to you. Will you always enjoy waking up early to work out? Uh.. no! But I think you have a "do what you gotta do" mentality which is great! You're doing good!

LoriV. said...

As long as you are loving it, keep doing it! Avoid burnout at all costs, but it's awesome to kick things up a notch at times to achieve a wonderful goal like ONEderland!! I think you are doing great!