Thursday, March 17, 2011

WI and HRM

I am so ready for April.  Then I go back on a normal weigh schedule.  I have tomorrow of so I had to weigh in today (6 days vs 7).  I lost the .6 that I had gained last week.  I was happy but kind of frustrated because I wanted more.  About 2 hours later I discovered it was that TOM. (Sorry if that’s TMI).  Anyway that made me feel better but I had already eaten a frustration cupcake.  I didn’t make the best food choice today…I ate so many freaking pretzels and I lacked on my water consumption.  As a result today is going in the books as off the wagon.  Tomorrow will be game time again.

I have still been eating late at night but I am going to work on that this week.  And I know I keep saying it but I need to start my food journal again.  My am I fighting myself?  I am dying to get to 199.9 yet I am self sabotaging.  Focus Kristen.  I keep trying to focus on the physical non-scale changes I mentioned in this post.

This week I broke down a purchased a heart rate monitor.  I wanted to know what I was burn compared to A) that stupid meter on my T’Mill and B) to what I eat each day.

I ordered from amazon  the Timex T5G971 Sports personal heart rate monitor watch (with a band)

Last night was the first time I used it.  I worked out for 30 minutes on the T’mill do a 1 minute intervals of 4mph then 6 mph.  The meter on the Tmill said I had burned 349 calories and that my heart rate was never over 89.  However, according to my HRM I burned 628 calories!  That is amazing if its true.  It also showed my high heart rate of 179 and the averaged was 128. 

I  hope to test this out at bootcamp, as I have no idea what we burn in one session.  I wore it the other day but we were doing Kettlebell thrusters where the KB sits on the back of your wrist, right where the watch would sit. 

well off to watch Mondays episode of Heavy.

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Sarah said...

I think the possible sabotage is normal.. I know many people have told me it is.. and I am guilty of it, even if I know to watch out for it..

Great on getting the HR monitor. I can't wait to be able to get one.. :)