Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weigh in Strength

First lets start with it’s weigh in Day!!!  It was a great day with a 2.8 pound loss.  That put me at 59.8…but I am rounding up to say 60 pounds lost!!  I am very excited.  That puts me at 204.  I am so close to Onederland!! 

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My keys to success this week were:

  • I have tracked my food each day since the 21st of March!
  • I have worked out 10 of the last 11 days…Tuesday I did 2 workouts (4am and 5pm).  This morning I again was up at 430 to workout.  I knew I couldn’t attend bootcamp tonight and wasn’t sure if I would get a workout in after the kids went to bed …And no I haven't.  They are calling for Snow again so hubby is going to work at 1130 so he had to be in bed early. 
  • I have been really strict about getting my water consumption up

I want to talk about strength training.  I told you in the past when I lost weight (that I didn’t keep off) I did it with cardio only. I didn’t know how to build strength and honestly I just wanted to get smaller.

I didn’t understand that muscles need more calories in a day to work therefore burning more.  I didn’t understand that weight training was as affective of a workout as a cardio blast.

I get it now.  I noticed the change in my shape and the way my clothes fit.  I am the same weight but a size smaller thanks to weigh training.  Thanks to my HRM I can all see even more. 

Monday and Wednesday we did nasty strength training workouts at bootcamp.  I burned 670-680 in both sessions.  Monday my heart rate was in the target zone for 50 minutes and Wednesday 41 minutes.  Tuesday was cardio.  The kind of cardio that you can not talk afterwards.  That you just want a nap to recover.  I burned 570 calories with my heart rate in the target zone.

The weird thing is that the actual time I was doing the workout was about the same time.. but my heart rate stayed elevated longer after the strength training.

 Here is a great article from Rachel Cosgrove on it. 

Here is the you tube video from bootcamp that he posted today. 

Have a great night.


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Congrats on the loss! It's great that you have been tracking and moving so much!

LoriV. said...

I am struggling to get the strength training in because I just hate it so much. I know that in order to achieve my long term goals I need to just do it. Thanks for the reminder.