Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moving down again

Well after last weeks weigh in being a gain….I was down 3 today!! sweet! I am in such a good mood from it  i really need to stop letting the weigh in day number run my life.  Last week i was in my funk until the weekend.  Then i had a better attitude but my eat still was not idea.  I decided to finally take my measurements so i can compare them monthly.

Neck 15.5

Chest 44.5

Waist 41.5

Hips 49

Thighs 25.5

Calves 18.5

Biceps 16

also today we started another challenge at work!  $20.00 you set your goal by 4 January.  So i really want to be down 18 pounds (9+%) by my birthday but I didnt think i could do that…i really should be able to do that by January but we have so many holidays.  I have decided to set my goal at 5% but sure as hell hope i there by 1 December.  This weekend we are camping, so alot of walking and hiking.  I am hoping for another good weigh in I am 4 pounds off my target to reach the 200 goal.

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