Tuesday, September 21, 2010


For the last few weeks I really have not had any motivation, i was working out 2 times a week and eating healthy but i was also sneaking a lot.  It really shows in my weight loss…1 pound, .4 pounds and stayed the same.  Then I had to step up, I needed to lose 1.8 pounds by today to win my bet at work.  So i went to Next level 2 times last week, worked out once at home, hiked while camping up a nasty hill and ate right.  This morning i weight in at 219.6  (3.2 pound loss).    It really renewed my strength, will power and motivation.  I am 9 weeks from my birthday, 9 weeks from my goal deadline and 19.6 pounds away.  I need to do this.  Its time to stay focused, stay on track.

Tonight is the biggest loser premier, its gut wrenching to watch.  I feel so bad for the contestants that are not Moving onto the ranch but at the same time I know it can be done at home.   You have to just do it, you have to make the right decision.  The right decision some times its every minute, every minute you have to decide what to and what not to put into you mouth.   Some days this is easy and some days its not. 

So yes today i had 2 pieces of candy…but i am not dwelling on it I am moving on.  I think about what i did right, like i drank alot of water today!!  In 8.2 pounds i will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight..that is motivation!

44.6 for the year!

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