Friday, June 8, 2012

15K and Away

One month from today, I run my first 15K.  Its one of the largest in the country, it caps at 14,000 runners.

I have been training hard.  Sundays are my long runs.  Then during the week I attend bootcamp unless Tyler has tee ball.  On those nights I jog home which is 3.25miles.  I have also been walking 2 miles at lunch each day.  I give myself one day a week of rest.  

This past Sunday I ran my first 8.1 miles in 91 minutes.  Plan is to just keep focusing on that 8.1 mile run.  The crowds of people and excitement of the event will get me thru the last 1.2 (or so I hope!)

Tomorrow morning I am doing a 5K about 30 minutes from my house.  I want to see how well I can push myself on a short run.  I want to get my time under 30 minutes.

In other news I dropped 3.4 pounds this week!!  But I had a major cheat meal tonight (yeah the night before I run a 5K) hopefully it doesn’t undo this weeks success.