Sunday, May 13, 2012

to my running friends–please help

Lately while running my left foot has began hurting about 4-3 miles into my run.  it feels like it’s a sleep you know that numb but hurts feeling.  Today it again did it but at the 3mile mark.  I stopped and completely loosened my shoes.  It did make it feel better but it didn’t go away.

So do I

1) try another run with my basically untied sneakers

2) buy another pair that are wider/or bigger (of course I would go to Fleet feet before buying a pair

3) try inserts??

Any tips or suggestions???


Karen@WaistingTime said...

I'm not a runner but had a similar problem about a decade ago with foot numbness. Finally saw a doctor and was diagnosed with neuroma. (Basically, nerve damage on the ball of the foot.) Had some cortisone injections and stopped all impact exercises for a long time. Switched to shoes with great support, including metatarsal arch support which is what you need for neuroma. You can buy insoles that have that (I have the birkenstock sport insoles for my exercise shoes)and also little pads that you add to your shoe bed.

But your problem may be something else entirely. Good luck!

Debsdailylife said...

I had the same problem!! The running coach at the gym told me to loosen my shoes, or getting wider ones. She said I 'sprained' the (whatever it is) that runs up the center of the top of my foot. I always tied my shoes tight because I was afraid they would fall off.
But, it really helped to loosen the strings. AND when I lace my shoes I now skip two of the holes in the center.