Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 weeks 5 pounds

I have 4 weeks left and 5 pounds to lose to get my money back.  I have 4 week left and 6-12 pounds to get to my target 2011 starting weight.  I want to say that I have lost between 55-63 this year.  I want to get to under 200 pounds.

If I hit my goal for this phase I will be at 207.  If I do the 5% challenge in January for 12 weeks that will get me to 196 in March.  I want to get there before then. I want to get to 180.

Its kind of sad that I need to get to 150 to not be considered overweight.  WTF really 150 That can not be even reasonable. If I could get to 180 I could focus on strength and other ways to feel successful.

The thing is I am always focused on what I want to get to and by when So today at work I reworked my weigh loss spreadsheet.  Instead of it tracking my goal weigh of –2 a week I am focusing on 10 pounds at a time.

So today I was at 212..My goal right now shows 210 it will stay at 210 until I hit <210.  Once I get to 209.9 or lower, my goal will change 200.  I will just keep going like that. 

For this month I need to be stricter with my food until the holidays are over.  I need to keep my food journal up to date. I need to push myself at bootcamp and I need to workout at home.

I can do this!

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